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All Sam Morgan Custom Homes, Inc. built homes are engineered and stamped, meeting all load calculation requirements. An “as built” re-certification is also performed after the structure has been framed. This insures that the structural integrity of your home is sound. Quality products such as I-joists and engineered lumber are used in all of the homes that Sam builds.


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The waterproofing of basements and crawl spaces is extremely important in building a “healthy” home. We use 2 spray coats of marflex waterproofing with a drainage mat to allow proper flow of moisture to the French drain. The French drain surrounds the perimeter of your foundation and allows the release of hydrostatic pressure against the wall. This process is a very successful waterproofing system that has been tried and tested, far surpassing the damp proofing of the NC code guidelines.


As an energy star partner, Sam has enjoyed implementing numerous “Building Science” techniques in his homes. Geo thermal, radiant heat, foam insulation, proper air sealing, ERV air transfers, 2×6 exterior walls, sealed and conditioned crawl spaces, sealed top plate gaskets, insulated sheathing panels for exterior walls, sealed sill plates, and many more features will be discussed in the design of your new custom home.


Along with efficiency, comfort is equally important. There are many factors that contribute to the comfort of the human body and the spaces in which we live. One of the most important is heat loss/heat gain. The differential of temperatures within a home can lead to the lack of comfort. Sam Morgan Custom Homes, Inc. discusses and addresses these issues during construction by zoning the HVAC system and properly insulating.

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Your home is your retreat. Therefore, it must be a healthy place to reside. Dust, indoor air quality, radon, mold and other factors can lead to an unhealthy environment. Sam Morgan Custom Homes, Inc. addresses each of these through the construction process to make sure that your home is a safe place to live.

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